Easy way to put on compression hose

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  • marieked:

    I have trouble getting them on my left leg which is mostly paralyzed… kind of like trying to put socks/shoes on a squirmy 2 year old!

  • FlyinHyy:

    @marieked when I’m paralyzed on my left side, I flop that leg up onto my right knee. It takes a little longer for sure but it helps me to have something to lean it into.

  • Bruceborn2bme:

    Brilliant, Milly! I tried just-below-the-knee compression stockings years ago in an attempt to alleviate that “about to pass out” feeling, but I gave up because they were such a challenge to put on. So I just dug them out of my drawer and tried again using your method. What a difference! And it feels good to have them on. I’ll start wearing them again. Thanks for this video. :)

  • imagecreation:

    You made that look so easy, I had to wear one for a few weeks after a disagreement with a ladder. A total pain to put on. But the swelling was much less and I had less pain.

  • meh22843:

    Jobst are my favorite! Wear em everyday :)

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